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Mars Right for Life?!

Mars Right for Life?! Rocks seen by NASA’s Opportunity rover and Curiosity rover at two different parts of Mars. On the left is ” Wopmay” rock, in Endurance Crater, Meridiani Planum, as studied by the Opportunity rover compared. Click for larger. Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell/MSSS The original caption as seen at JPL’s Photojournal site: This set of … Weiterlesen


A Historic Observatory’s Connection to the Space Station

Ladd Observatory in Providence, RI, seen today and after its opening in 1891 (Brown University) It’s a wonderful thing for children to look up to their fathers, but some kids have to look a little further than others — especially when dad is in command of the International Space Station! Around 6 p.m. EST on…


#NASA Great #Moonbuggy Race!

20th Annual Moonbuggy Race will be held April 25 – 27, 2013 Each Moonbuggy will be human powered and carry two students, one female and one male, over a half-mile simulated lunar terrain course including "craters", rocks, "lava" ridges, inclines and "lunar" soil.


#Euclid |Cooperation

#ESA #NASA #Euclid NASA recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ESA outlining its contribution to the mission. The US agency will provide 20 detectors for the near-infrared instrument, which will operate alongside a visible-wavelength camera.


NASA, ESA |Videos

Dr. King Honored at NASA Headquarters + 11 Videos von NASAtelevision Assembling the Pieces for A Global Biodiversity Monitoring Framework + 16 Videos von YaleUniversity ISS Update – Jan. 23, 2013 + 2 Videos von ReelNASA Did you know: How many planets exist in our solar system? von ESA  



#Mars2013 #ÖWF #OEWF #SimulateMars eine vierwöchige Mars-Feldsimulation! Mit den komplexen Mars-Feldtests in Marokko werden praktische Erfahrungen zur Durchführung von „Außenaktivitäten auf dem Mars“ gesammelt und die Vorteile und Einschränkungen von "remote science operations" auf anderen Planeten untersucht.


The Eye of the Sahara..

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield (@Cmdr_Hadfield) treated us to another photograph from space but this one looked more like an ancient fossilized shell than a massive geological formation. Originally thought to be the site of an asteroid impact, The Eye of the Sahara — more formally known as the Richat Structure — is a 40km wide, … Weiterlesen


Branched Impact Melts |Moon

Branched Impact Melts (Hiroyuki Sato) Impact melt on the northern rim of an unnamed crater. Image center is 0.133ºN, 85.205ºE, image width is 500 m, downslope is towards the top.           NAC 139348293R [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].


was passiert gerade auf Twitter

icelefant, was passiert gerade auf Twitter


NASA Astronauts, ESA & Astronomy

Angling Saturn The Cassini spacecraft takes an angled view toward Saturn, showing the southern reaches of the planet with the rings on a dramatic diagonal. North on Saturn is up and rotated 16 degrees to the left… nasa.gov · Twittere diese Story Edoardo Amaldi Follow ESA’s Automated Transfer Vehicle missions to the ISS In very … Weiterlesen




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