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 back to Moon Weekly update ⋅ July 25, 2014 NBCNews.com To the moon and back: 45 years since man’s first steps Bay News 9 Neil Armstrong took man’s first steps on the moon 45 years ago. „That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,“ Armstrong famously said … Flag as irrelevant CityLab … Weiterlesen


Return to the Moon, but when and how…

"Return to the Moon, but when and how… As with Real Estate on Earth, on the Moon location is everything. Shackleton crater (upper left) hosts a hoary frost clinging to its permanently shadowed interior, and the Moon’s south pole resides on its rim. HDTV still captured by Japan’s SELENE-1 (Kaguya) November 17, 2007; Malapert Massif … Weiterlesen


>Impact melt in Anaxagoras crater |LROC

> Boulders clustered on a positive relief bulge in an impact melt deposit on the floor of Anaxagoras crater (73.5°S, 349.7°E); most of the boulders are 10 – 30 m across. LROC NAC M155309869R, image width is 910 m. via [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University] Continue reading ‚Impact melt in Anaxagoras crater‘„


>Fault scarp with impact melt in King crater |LROC

> A fault scarp separates two zones of impact melt within the King crater wall (5.0°N, 120.5°E). NAC image number M115529715RE; incidence angle 75°; Sun is from the right, image is ~900 meters across; north is up  [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University] Continue reading ‚Fault scarp with impact melt in King crater


>Wrinkled Planet |LROC

> Intricate fault patterns enhanced by dawn lighting in Seares crater (Sun is shining from lower right). North is up, image width is 2800 meters, M130681684LR [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University]. quell: nasaLRO


>How did I form |Moon

> Small fresh crater in Palitzsch B, with a shape and ejecta pattern typical of an oblique impact. North is up, image width is 500 m, LROC NAC M154785423R [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].


>Post-impact modification |Klute W

> Fractured and slumping rim of Klute W crater. Image is 900 meters wide, LROC NAC M143201144RE [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University]. Continue reading ‚Post-impact modification of Klute W‘


>Moon |LROC

> Striated blocks in Aristarchus crater! Field of striated boulders on the wall of Aristarchus crater. Uphill is towards top of image. LROC NAC image M120161915 [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University]. Quelle:Continue reading ‚Striated blocks in Aristarchus crater


>Rimae Posidonius |Moon

> Spanning over 130 km in length, Rimae Posidonius is a sinuous rille winding across the floor of Posidonius crater. LROC WAC mosaic at 100 m/pixel, arrow points to the rille and location of an LROC NAC close-up.. [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University] Continue reading ‚Rimae Posidonius‘


>mond2020 |Mond

> Der Mond bleibt ein wichtiges Ziel der Bundesregierungder Strategie wird dabei das „Explorationsziel Mond“ ausdrücklich genannt. Für die Fortsetzung der bemannten Raumfahrt nach 2020 gibt es daher, … quelle:heise.de




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