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>Lander Fabrication: Deck Arrives at CMU

>Today, the machined aluminum lander deck plate arrived at Carnegie Mellon’s Planetary Robotics High Bay. The frustrum and rover adapter cones also arrivedtoday. The team will begin assembling the the lander structure. Check back forfrequent updates. The lander deck being hoisted off the truck with thegantry crane. The lander deck is set down in the … Weiterlesen


>Barcelona Moon Team |Rover

>Rover Prototypes summary:This video is a summary of the completed rover prototypes of the BMT. It gathers models and CGI of the BCNRV-04 (a six wheeled rover), the BCNRV-05a and BCNRV-05b (four wheeled rovers with different solar panels strategy arrangement), and the BCNRV-06 (a six wheeled rover with its front and rear wheels folding, to … Weiterlesen


>Say hello to my friends |JURBAN

> Say hello to Isha, Blaze, Corrie, and Ami. They are sending a robot to the Moon, want to join us? mfg IceX


>Master Plan |Team SpaceMETA

>SpaceMETA LUMEM – Master Plan of the Lunar Micro Explore Mission: „ The Mission GENERAL VIEW OF THE MISSION MISSION NAME: LUMEM – Lunar Micro Explore Mission Revision 1.0 Intro LUMEM , The Lunar Micro Explorer Mission , is a venture challenge designated to develop rupture innovation ideas on how to accomplish the main Challenges … Weiterlesen


>White Label Space |GLX-PRIZE

>This video taken during the Rio Tinto field trials shows some of thedifficulties of doing outdoor testing and includes interviews with thetwo team members who were responsible for the White Label Spaceactivities, Carmen Felix and Andrea Gini. mfg IceX


>Rover Development Update #02

>Rover Development Update #02: „Power & Power Management The power budget for the Rover is expected to be < 50W: Primary DC motors – 4 numbers, 5W each Secondary DC motors – 2 numbers, 3W each Other mechanical control systems < 5W Electronics and „local“ Comm infra < 5W Spare power ~ 12W The entire … Weiterlesen


>Barcelona Moon Team joins NASA meeting for preservation of American historical hardware on the Moon

>Last Thursday, Barcelona Moon Team together with other dozen teams joined NASA Ames by telecon, to learn about NASA’s recommendations on the preservations of the lunar historical sites, including the Apollo sites. In a long but very interesting day, NASA presented the legal frame, the pictures of the existing hardware left in the lunar surface, … Weiterlesen


>Final rover design – part 3

>Motor with wheel hub: Motor with wheel hub and 16 inch diameter wheel legs: The following video demonstrates the maneuverability of wheel legs: mfg IceX


>Organization, Vision & Objectives of our team

>TEAM Angelicum: mfg IceX


>Interesting Space Terms

>While searching the web for information – getting side tracked is part of the adventure. Here are a few interesting space terms.Space Archaeology:In archaeology, space archaeology refers to the study of various human-made items found in space, their interpretation as clues to the adventures mankind has experienced in space, and their preservation as cultural heritage. … Weiterlesen




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