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>How Big is Your Team |GLX-PRIZE

> Rover Prototype Update: The team at Tohoku University are making steady progress on the construction of the rover prototype. The picture below shows the suspension integrated to the body frame. The wheels are now being made from acyclic polymer tube and will be attached next week. Probably due to the Sendai Earthquake, there have … Weiterlesen


>More about the MSS-2 flight

>Chris King successfully downloaded the data from the flight computer,Chute Controller and Featherweight Parrot. Detailed analysis of flightdata will be forthcoming in the near future.– Ken Manatt, who led the tracking effort, provided the following post-flight report: http://sugarshot.org/downloads/km_tracking_report.pdf Photos of the launch event: Rick Maschek ‚painting‘ ignition primer on sugar grains http://sugarshot.org/downloads/dsc05785.jpg Paul Avery & … Weiterlesen


>MSS-2 flight video #1

> mfg IceX


>NASA awards Moon mining contract to |Astrobotic

> NASA has selected Astrobotic Technology and Carnegie Mellon University to develop a prototype robot for mining water and methane ices at the Moon’s poles. These volatiles can refuel astronauts’ spacecraft for their return trip to Earth, halving the cost of human Moon expeditions. The award will fund a two-year effort to build a robot … Weiterlesen


>Way to win the GLXP |SELENE

>Landing the craft on the surface of the Moon: The secondary vehicle carried by the craft is a composite propelled rocket. The only payload the rocket carries is a wireless ignition system and a cartridge with flash powder. The rocket is spin stabilized by a rapidly rotating launch pad. The alignment device for the rocket … Weiterlesen




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