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#Euclid |Cooperation

#ESA #NASA #Euclid NASA recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ESA outlining its contribution to the mission. The US agency will provide 20 detectors for the near-infrared instrument, which will operate alongside a visible-wavelength camera.


NASA, ESA |Videos

Dr. King Honored at NASA Headquarters + 11 Videos von NASAtelevision Assembling the Pieces for A Global Biodiversity Monitoring Framework + 16 Videos von YaleUniversity ISS Update – Jan. 23, 2013 + 2 Videos von ReelNASA Did you know: How many planets exist in our solar system? von ESA  



#Mars2013 #ÖWF #OEWF #SimulateMars eine vierwöchige Mars-Feldsimulation! Mit den komplexen Mars-Feldtests in Marokko werden praktische Erfahrungen zur Durchführung von „Außenaktivitäten auf dem Mars“ gesammelt und die Vorteile und Einschränkungen von "remote science operations" auf anderen Planeten untersucht.


Venus Express |ESA

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The Eye of the Sahara..

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield (@Cmdr_Hadfield) treated us to another photograph from space but this one looked more like an ancient fossilized shell than a massive geological formation. Originally thought to be the site of an asteroid impact, The Eye of the Sahara — more formally known as the Richat Structure — is a 40km wide, … Weiterlesen


NASA_EDGE, ESA, Science |

15 Twitter Accounts Every Space Lover Should Follow We found the Twitter accounts that put a human voice on the vast universe beyond our planet Earth and promote the often underappreciated world of science. mashable.com · Twittere diese Story Large water reservoirs at the dawn of stellar birth ESA’s Herschel space observatory has discovered enough … Weiterlesen


NASA Astronauts, ESA & Astronomy

Angling Saturn The Cassini spacecraft takes an angled view toward Saturn, showing the southern reaches of the planet with the rings on a dramatic diagonal. North on Saturn is up and rotated 16 degrees to the left… nasa.gov · Twittere diese Story Edoardo Amaldi Follow ESA’s Automated Transfer Vehicle missions to the ISS In very … Weiterlesen


#NASA, #SOFIAtelescope und 27 andere haben Ifos für Dich!

icelefant, das passiert gerade auf Twitter Watch live: DG’s press conference at ILA Join us for today’s press conference with ESA’s Director General Jean-Jacques Dordain, live from the ILA Berlin Air and Space Show. The press conference takes place in the ‚Space for Earth‘ pavilion, starting at 13:15… esa.int · Twittere diese Story New York … Weiterlesen


fireworks |ATV-2

@ATV-fireworks ATV-2 Johannes Kepler: Länge: 10 Meter, Durchmesser: 4,5 Meter, Flügelspannweite: 22 Meter ist Europas komplexestes und innovativstes Raumfahrzeug zur Versorgung der ISS. So weit so Gut! Welche Genialen Geister: Laut der internet Site-Wikipedia |@wikipedia Transporter |ATV Kpazität |7,6 t Fähigkeiten |Frachttransport, Reboost, Treibstofftransfer Träger |Ariane 5 Preis pro Start |330 Mio. EUR, (1 € … Weiterlesen


ATV-2 undocking |ESA

Mission clocks ATV undocking (Time TBC): in 7 days, 1 hour, 15 minutes ATV reentry (Time TBC): in 8 days, 1 hour, 15 minutes ATV Johannes Kepler Information Kit




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