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>Light and Dark Moons |Cassini’s

>Move Over Caravaggio: Cassini’s Light and Dark Moons: NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has returned Saturnian moon imagesfrom its flyby late last week, revealing light and dark contrastsworthy of chiaroscuro painters like Caravaggio.The flyby on August 13 targeted the geyser moon Enceladus,but also brought Cassini close to two other moons–Tethys and Dione.


>Cassini Images |ISS

>Cassini ISS images – April 19-23, 2010The following new images taken by the Imaging Science Subsystem (ISS)on the Cassini spacecraft are now available: Rings and Janus (Released 19 April 2010)Janus, passing between the rings and Cassini, poses for a snapshot takenby the spacecraft’s narrow-angle camera. Behold Belet (Released 20 April 2010)The Cassini spacecraft looks at … Weiterlesen


>Enceladus ‚E9‘ Flyby |Cassini

>Enceladus ‚E9‘ Flyby: Plume-crossing, Gravity-measuring Encounter: On this flyby, the Cassini Radio Science Subsystem(RSS) tracks Enceladus through a close pass todetermine the nature of the interior beneath thesouth polar hot spot. quelle: nasa |jpl


>Rhea and Edge-On Rings

> quelle: NASA Rhea and Edge-On Rings: From just below the plane of Saturn’s rings, the Cassini spacecraft looks at the rings edge-on and sees the planet’s second largest moon beyond.Although Rhea may appear to be in the foreground of this image, it is not. The rings are closer to Cassini. The small moon Prometheus, … Weiterlesen


>Complex Orbital Planning Will Keep Cassini Flying Seven Extra Years on Tiny Remaining Fuel Supply

>Complex Orbital Planning Will Keep Cassini Flying Seven Extra Years onTiny Remaining Fuel Supply: Cassini arrived in Saturn’s neighborhood in 2004 for a four-year mission, but itperformed so well and remained in such good shape, its mission was extendedfor two more years. In that time it’s made countless discoveries, generated awealth of scientific data and … Weiterlesen




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