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Sonnenriesenfleck und Jupiter

#Astronomie #Sonne #Jupiter Auf der Sonne ist z.Zt. ein Fleck mit freien Auge zu sehen. Er ist ist meinen 80mm f/15 Refraktor für die DMK zu groß, daher wurde ausnahmsweise eine DSLR verwendet um ihn mit der ganzen Sonnenscheibe einzufangen. Die Sonne steht sehr niedrig. Dennoch lohnt ein Blick. An meinem Standort steht sie Mittags … Weiterlesen


„KOUNOTORI, Journey to the stars“ |H-II

H-II Transfer Vehicle (KOUNOTORI) Symposium 9. März 2013 "KOUNOTORI, Journey to the stars" Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency | What’s New


Astronomy |February 2013

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of Technology


Venus Express |ESA

youtube downloader

youtube downloader Weiterlesen


icelefant -ice- @ Google+ |Globular clusters

#ESO #Astronomy #Photos Globular clusters are roughly spherical collections of extremely old #stars, and around 150 of them are scattered around our galaxy. #Hubble is one of the best telescopes for studying these, as its extremely high resolution lets astronomers see individual stars, even in the crowded core. The clusters all look very similar, and … Weiterlesen


The Eye of the Sahara..

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield (@Cmdr_Hadfield) treated us to another photograph from space but this one looked more like an ancient fossilized shell than a massive geological formation. Originally thought to be the site of an asteroid impact, The Eye of the Sahara — more formally known as the Richat Structure — is a 40km wide, … Weiterlesen


Lynn Easley @ Google+

Messier 82 A star burst galaxy from last night, with just a half moon in the sky. 23 exposures x 300 seconds with the Orion 8″ f3.9 reflector. Orion G3 color camera Processed with Pixinsight.


NASA_EDGE, ESA, Science |

15 Twitter Accounts Every Space Lover Should Follow We found the Twitter accounts that put a human voice on the vast universe beyond our planet Earth and promote the often underappreciated world of science. mashable.com · Twittere diese Story Large water reservoirs at the dawn of stellar birth ESA’s Herschel space observatory has discovered enough … Weiterlesen


#NASA, #SOFIAtelescope und 27 andere haben Ifos für Dich!

icelefant, das passiert gerade auf Twitter Watch live: DG’s press conference at ILA Join us for today’s press conference with ESA’s Director General Jean-Jacques Dordain, live from the ILA Berlin Air and Space Show. The press conference takes place in the ‚Space for Earth‘ pavilion, starting at 13:15… esa.int · Twittere diese Story New York … Weiterlesen


via Google Maps: Ngorongoro Crater & Video

#Astronomy #Krater #ERDE Der Ngorongoro Crater Video |ein Video Maps |via Maps




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