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>Lander Fabrication: Deck Arrives at CMU

>Today, the machined aluminum lander deck plate arrived at Carnegie Mellon’s Planetary Robotics High Bay. The frustrum and rover adapter cones also arrivedtoday. The team will begin assembling the the lander structure. Check back forfrequent updates. The lander deck being hoisted off the truck with thegantry crane. The lander deck is set down in the … Weiterlesen


>Landing the Lunar X PRIZE |Seminar

> Red Whittaker delivered ‚Landing the Lunar X PRIZE‘ as part of the Field Robotics Center Seminar Series on January 25th. This seminar discusses competing in the Google Lunar X PRIZE and the many technical challenges that comes with it. quell:astrobotic mfg IceX


>NASA awards Moon mining contract to |Astrobotic

> NASA has selected Astrobotic Technology and Carnegie Mellon University to develop a prototype robot for mining water and methane ices at the Moon’s poles. These volatiles can refuel astronauts’ spacecraft for their return trip to Earth, halving the cost of human Moon expeditions. The award will fund a two-year effort to build a robot … Weiterlesen


>Lunar Rover’s Systems |Astrobotic

>Lunar Rover’s Systems:Extended duration lunar missions require survival of lunar night,which approaches temperatures of -180C. The utility of night survivalmeans another 14 earth days of mission. Critical to operation uponrevival is the battery. Common batteries use an aqueous electrolytewhich ruptures cell chemistry when subjected to cryogenic temperatures.Development of a lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack enables revivalafter cryogenic … Weiterlesen


>Google Lunar X-PRIZE |News

>  Video tour of the Astrobotic-CMU lunar expo: X PRIZE Foundation and LEGO Group Announce Winners in „Moonbots“ Educational Contest Moonbots Competition Enters Final Week Applauding NASA’s Efforts to Benefit from the Commercial Lunar Exploration Industry quelle: Google Lunar X-PRIZE mfg IceX


>Google Lunar X Prize |News

>Expo displays progress toward Google Lunar X Prize:A crowd of more than 150 students and faculty packed a lunar expoThursday in Carnegie Mellon’s Planetary Robotics Lab that showcasedthe progress achieved toward winning the Google Lunar X Prize andcreating a sustainable series of exploration missions. The Astrobotic-led mission relies on the experience and technical prowessof the … Weiterlesen


>GLX-PRIZE |Astrobotic

>Astrobotic lander ramp deploys without using motors:One of the challenges in delivering a mobile robot to the Moon is getting itoff the lander and down to the surface. The video below shows the conceptualdesign of a ramp that unfolds from the lander using only a preloaded springfor power. During flight, the mechanism is clamped in … Weiterlesen




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