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>SpaceMETA LUMEM – Master Plan of the Lunar Micro Explore Mission: „

The Mission


MISSION NAME: LUMEM – Lunar Micro Explore Mission

Revision 1.0


LUMEM , The Lunar Micro Explorer Mission , is a venture challenge designated to develop rupture innovation ideas on how to accomplish the main Challenges and Objective motivated by the Google Lunar XPrize , GLXP.

The vision of SPACEMETA about the LUMEM ( GLXP Challenge ), is divided is organized in key phases, where some of that phases are financial/engineering/administration challenges and others innovation challenges.

SpaceMETA Team has concentrated their initial efforts in innovation challenges motivations and the main aspecto of the mission is organized as 3 Basica Pillars and 5 aproachs with new-new-things specially designed for the LUMEM event. The basic pillars are: Launching , Injecting and Landing, and the 5 new-new-things are: INFIMO – Infinit Motion, COSMOA – Collaborative Space Modules Archicture, SLICOM – Sun Light Communication System, UTRAS – Universsal Trajectory System and BIA – Build it After

In a complementary way, SPACEMETA will use for the LUMEM Mission conventional e state-of-the-art technologies available when it will be justified by the Missions premisses , like security and environmental-friendly alternatives available.

As we will see during the detailment in this document, SPACEMETA new-new-things will consider ruptive visions like consider the DARK SIDE OF THE MOON ( in fact, the dynamically border zone ), a potential region to be used.

We would like to introduce in the following sections some one our basic ideas on how to accomplish the GLXP Challenge , and we hope to have better opportunities to better detail it furthermore.


The SPACEMETA THING ( Codename SOLITAIRE ). A Innovative with very simple technology design-thinked to be reliable for surviver on the space with very low energy consumption.


Development of a new way to produce dynamic motion systems capable of long movements without conventional fuel restrictions on the arrival surface called INFIMO that means Infinity Motion. INFIMO is a vision that will inspire future projectists to try to work with very limited resources in space, AND, obtain the maximum of the results in movement in Space. INFIMO premises consider that we don’t need to have only one way to develop movment on the destination, but several mechanisms to long movement, short movement, and emergency movements. INFIMO is actually executing very well on the Earth conditions and starting outer-space environment simulation tests. The first product generated from the INFIMO Design concept is NITILEGS ( Coil-Legs NiTiNOL Based, described later on Mission Summary ).


SOLITAIRE is a technology related with the same thermal gradient usage used on INFIMO apparatus for movement, and is also a concept to be applied for movement. Basically it is constituted by a inflatable structure when the internal gas combinations expand during the high temperature of the direct light radiation, it will promote CHAOTIC movements for the CRAFT, once the structure expansion will be constructed to expand randomically. The resultant movement will not came from flotation ( of course it need some atmosphere ) , but from strucutral deformations promoted by the expansion os the cover that will looks like a blob, melting and ummestilng on the surface. For more long movements, SOLITAIRE will have a complementary more strong movement system will be used also, based on memory shaped metal more described later.

This illustration shows The SPACEMETA Solitaire Module in a illustration near Apollo 12 Craft. You can observe a metallic semi-transparent blue sphere surface, flooded with SOLAR CELLs , and some pipes edge around it. This pipes edges are pipes that will hold the NiTiNOL legs and activate them on appropriate time promoting movement by impulse, and sensing the surface resonance on the impact

This is a Ilustration of NITILEGS by SPACEMETA, wich is a internal pipe with a compressed NiTiNOL Coil wich objective is to release locked mechanical energy and recover it again from the memory shaped metal design coil, to work on the gradient temperature on the Moon surface and releasing potencial-to-kinetic energy stored from earth or other events like impact on Moon surface. This coils are also used as probe to sense the terrain resistance, capacitance and density, helping to create a map of the touchable surface.


Development of initial researchs about BIA, i.e. Build It After. BIA Concept is related on how to build new objects usable by the mission after the beginning of the Jorney. The objective of this Theme, is to setup-mind for the future generations to think in how to construct space systems that will learn and build objects required to deal with real exo-world situations that was not provided before, or build some resource that will use much space after done.


Development of The COSMOA-Colaborative Space Modules Architecture. This architecture will motivate Teams to think in an Colaborative Modular way, where the concept of success in SPACE means not only accomplish Primary Mission Target, but also, leave building blocks for future missions.


Development of new way of communication without using conventional methods of radio-wave propagation from Space to Earth called SLICOM ( Sun Light Communication ). The SLICOM will use a very old technique inspiread by the local Indians communications and is known by Smoke Signals. Instead of generate conventional wave signals, we will modulate the SUN Light and reflect the modulated light directly to Earth, like it occurs day-by-day. In a very simple way, we can think like a smoke signal communication system, or a Morse-code directly into the powerfull channel of sun-light.


Development of a new way of trajectory system compensator , without use of fuel or jet systems, called UTRAS , Universsal Trajectory System, based on a innovation called MMM-Momentum-Mass-Movement Drive Systems. UTRAS is extremely theoretical designed systems, and will better described later on this document. Basically the theoretical concept of it is related to Conservation of Angular Momentum, and its applied to liquid metals onboard the carrier craft nd should be used when conventional fuel will be an restrict issue but electrical energy is available.


Inflatable is a conceptual vision of the redesign process for big structures like long diameters antennas, that should be build in a compact way on the Earth, and it will be inflatable by several process like gaze expansion of crystal growing on the destination, reducing the complex factor involved during the transportation and landing.


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