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GLX-Prize, Team Indus

>Rover Development Update #02

>Rover Development Update #02: „
Power & Power Management

The power budget for the Rover is expected to be < 50W:

  • Primary DC motors – 4 numbers, 5W each
  • Secondary DC motors – 2 numbers, 3W each
  • Other mechanical control systems < 5W
  • Electronics and „local“ Comm infra < 5W
  • Spare power ~ 12W

The entire power assembly will work at 6V DC.

Solar photovoltaic power is the primary power generation system for rover operations and re-charging secondary power systems – lithium ion batteries. A MPPT charge controller will be incorporated to maximize battery charging. More on batteries in a separate Blog post.

Assumed solar influx on the moon is ~ 1400W/sq.m. we are making provision for 100W peak power generation, it is further assumed that the ‚landing‘ will happen closer to the ‚evening‘, therefore average influx is expected to be lower – expected area of solar panel @25% efficiency ~ 0.4 sq.m., these panels will also work as ’solar shields‘ for the electronic box and other moving parts.

Other notes

Procurement – ITAR and related paperwork will probably set us back several months, therefore procurement is local, incidentally its cheaper here and we get to ‚work‘ with the testing team when they are putting the equipment through the ‚griller‘ – I guess works better for us this way!

Prototyping – Ver0.1, will use off-the-shelf components, non-space grade material – we are looking for a dev name for the rover, ideas anyone?

— Indranil Chakraborty

Founding Member & Mission Crew

Team Indus – Development Log #03: 12th May 2011

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