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>Interesting Space Terms

>While searching the web for information – getting side tracked is part of the adventure.

Here are a few interesting space terms.

Space Archaeology:
In archaeology, space archaeology refers to the study of various human-made items found in space, their interpretation as clues to the adventures mankind has experienced in space, and their preservation as cultural heritage.

Graveyard Orbit:
A graveyard orbit, also called a supersynchronous orbit, junk orbit or disposal orbit,is an orbit significantly above synchronous orbit, where spacecraft are intentionally placed at the end of their operational life.

Spacecraft Cemetery:
The so-called Spacecraft Cemetery is an area in the southern Pacific Ocean 3900 km southeast of Wellington, New Zealand, where spacecraft, notably the defunct Mir space station and waste-filled Progress cargo ships are and have been routinely deposited. It has been chosen for its remoteness, as not to endanger or harm human life.


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