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>First Chang’e-2 Photos |China

China has released the first photos from it’s recently-launched
Chang’e-2 lunar orbiter!

Released with some fanfare (that’s the Chinese premier, Wen Jiabao,
there. [Editor’s note: originally had Jiabao as the ‚head of state‘; that
would actually be the
president, Hu Jintao, not the premier, Jiabao]),
the images get more or less straight to the point: they’re of the Bay of
Rainbows (Sinus Iridium), which China has slated to be
the potential
landing location of it’s Chang’e-3 rover mission.

The images include a 3-D map, and have a resolution of ~1.3 meters
(for comparison, NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has resolution
up to 1 m [PDF]).

Check out the official Chinese release page for all the images:
A rough translation notes the last image is labeled as “antarctic”,
so it’s unclear if that’s also a Bay of Rainbows crater, or one near
the lunar south pole.


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