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Rover Prototype Design:
A new student has joined the White Label Space team at the
Tohoku University Space Robotics Lab
in Japan.
Jérémie Gaboriaud will be in charge of the CAD design of a
prototype of the rover to be used in our mission for the
Google Lunar X PRIZE (GLXP

The starting point for Jérémie’s work will be the design
configuration used for the recently completed project by
Xavier Laurand
on the rover’s thermal design and analysis.
This rover is shown in the picture below.

From this starting point Jérémie will construct additional CAD
models to examine different design options for the rover’s various
subsystems and equipment.

The rover prototype will initially be developed solely for operation
on Earth. Its HD camera system, star tracker, and solar panels will
provide new research opportunities for the Space Robotics Lab.
Once the new test-bed is implemented, each subsystem will be
assessed for space-flight readiness and suitability for operation in a
lunar environment

Jérémie Gaboriaud is a French student currently studying mechanical
engineering as part of a degree through apprenticeship at ICAM
(Institut Catholique des Arts et Metiers) in Toulouse, France.
His course requires him to undertake a half year internship in a foreign
university and for this he chose to work at Tohoku Univeristy under the
supervision of professor Kazuya Yoshida on the GLXP project.

quelle: Google Lunar X-Prize


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