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>THEMIS images |Mars Odyssey


Mars Odyssey THEMIS images – April 19-23, 2010:
The following new images taken by the Thermal Emission Imaging System
(THEMIS) on the Mars Odyssey spacecraft are now available:

  • Melas Chasma (Released 19 April 2010)

    Melas Chasma is the central portion of Valles Marineris.

  • Memnonia Sulci (Released 20 April 2010)

    WInd is one of a handful of active processes on Mars today.

  • Terra Cimmeria Dunes (Released 21 April 2010)

    This VIS image of Terra Cimmeria shows channeling and dunes near Herschel Crater.

  • Kasei Valles (Released 22 April 2010)

    This VIS image shows secondary channeling on a terrace of the huge Kasei Valles outflow system.

  • Melas Chasma (Released 23 April 2010)

    This VIS image shows a portion of the floor of Melsa Chasma. Wind blown material is located in

  • lows between layered floor materials.

quelle: nasa, jpl


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