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>Hayabusa Landed on and Took Off …

..from Itokawa successfully Detailed Analysis Revealed!
Hayabusa attempted its first soft-landing on Itokawa for the purpose of touch down and sample collection on November 20-21, 2005. Below is the data information with the related advance report on its status.Hayabusa started descending at 9:00pm on Nov. 19th, 2005 (JST) from 1km in altitude. The guidance and navigation during the process of approach was operated normally, and at 4:33am on Nov. 20th, the last approach of vertical descent was commanded from ground, of which soft-landing was successfully achieved almost on the designated landing site of the surface. Deviation from the target point is now under investigation but presumed within a margin of 30m. The approaching trajectories in the quasi-inertial coordinate system and Itokawa-fixed coordinate system are shown in
Data-1. Information on the altitude and its rate during the descent as measured by Doppler data is shown in Data-2.

Quelle: JAXA


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